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Young Living is the world leader in essential oils
and have been harvesting, distilling and being a
pioneer in essential oil research for over 20 years.

Young Living was started by D.Gary Young
as a small family business.

They have developed a seed to seal promise
for their oils, ensuring the purity from the planting
of the seed to the sealing of the bottle.
They also submit their oils to AIRAISE,
a third party company to test each batch for purity.

Their essential oils do not have any additives
and can be taken internally.

photo of Young Living starter kit box
seed to seal

They own their own farms and distilleries
all across the globe which gives them control
over not only the outcome of the oils
but also the soil they have been planted in,
the way they are distilled,
and the team behind the crops.

We call the oils 'beyond organic'
because they ensure that no pesticides
have ever been used on the crops or on the soil.

Any time you want to visit Young Living's farms,
you are welcome.
They have an open door policy
and you are able to participate in the harvesting
and distilling process of the oils throughout each season.

These oils are therapeutic grade and do not have an expiry date!

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