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Bygone Beach Days - a collection of beautiful watercolour paintings from the 1920's by Joseph W. Fletcher
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No matter how high I would roll up my trousers,
they always got soaked,
as the waves rolled ever inwards faster than I could run.
feel the sand between your toes
watch the evening light over the sea

The colours of sunsets reflected on the sea
always take my breath away.
The Beach

Sitting on a rug that was always covered in sand
despite my best efforts,
trying to read a book while the wind
turned the pages for me.
stay all day with a pot of tea
let the sea breeze blow in your hair
Storm Clouds

Sometimes the wildness of the sea
reflects the storm in my soul.
Approaching Rain

No matter the weather
we stuck out a day at the beach with layers of jumpers
and wind in our hair.
watching the waves
I've caught one!

The whole family peering in rock pools
and squeeling with delight
when we saw movement.
Low Tide

Big sky, sun on the water, and the call of oystercatchers.
chasing the tide
grab a bucket, lets hunt for shells
Water's Edge

While my brothers were busy making amazing sandcastles,
I used to wander along the beach with my bucket,
for what seemed like miles,
looking for shells and other treasures
that had been washed up by the sea.
When I got back to my brothers,
I would then decorate their castles with my shells.
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