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Since getting married and having a baby, I have wanted to live a more healthy life and am much more aware of what we are putting in our bodies and on our skin. My journey with essential oils started when I was looking for natural help with health problems. I have always believed in natural remedies, but never really 'got into them' but my experience with oils has changed my life. I use my diffuser every day and that helps with my mood and the blends I mix have helped with other problems. I seem to be living a more oil based life and aim to soon have a chemical free home!

If you would like to try
some essential oil rollers and Thieves Household Cleaner,
please get in touch,
I would love to send you some samples!

samples photo of orange tangerine oil If you would like to know more about my story,
please just contact me!

I have a website for everyone who joins my team!
Check it out --> The Woodland Way!

We are a friendly team who would love you to join us on this journey of wellness
and chemical free living!

We have facebook groups, online classes, videos and if you are interested in the business side, we have a wonderful mentorship program!

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join me on a journey of wellness and chemical free living with Young Living essential oils
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