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I am here for you

Taking the step in using essential oils can be quite scary, knowing what oils to use for what and how much to use.
When you join me you are joining a team, you are getting all the support you could possibly want.

We have facebook groups where you can ask questions,
learn about Young Living's amazing products,
hear about their latest offers and try recipies from our international Young Living family!

You can join in with online classes, get your hands on
some lovely booklets and enter some great giveaways!

I am here for you!

To sign up you need a referral number.
If you don’t have a referral number,
Young Living will automatically assign you one,
so it is better to sign up with someone you know
or with a team that you know will support you.

My number is 3816403

Young Living Ind

When you open an account with Young Living
you have the choice to have
a retail or wholesale account.

A retail account means you can buy what you like,
when you like, with no yearly minimum order
to keep your account active.


Wholesale members enjoy 24% off the retail price,
can join the Essential Rewards program
and Young Living's generous compensation plan.

Although Young Living calls their
wholesale customers ‘Distributors’.
This does NOT mean that you are signing up to sell oils
and there is absolutely NO pressure to do so, ever.
You can just use and enjoy your account to buy your oils
at 24% off the retail price!

The best way to become a wholesale customer
is to get a Starter Kit.
There are 4 different ones to choose from.

When you sign up with me, you are joining a great team
that has all the support you will need in your oils journey. We have facebook groups where you can ask
any questions you may have. We have classes, videos
and a group especially for using oils in pregnancy,
when nursing and on babies and children.

When you sign up as a wholesale customer,
you get a member number to share with friends and family
and if they order using your member number,
you’ll receive compensation!

If you are interested in sharing about oils,
I would love to be there with you!
My team has private facebook groups, a great
mentorship program to help you start
and continual support after.
It really is like joining a lovely oily-family!


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