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me as a child

I was born in my parents first little cottage into a lovely Christian family with 4 nutty brothers and my mum spent many hours making things for us all. Spaceships for the boys, dolls clothes for me and flapjack for us all. So my life has been spent surrounded by crafts and half finished projects.

I love making things, reading, going for walks, drinking tea, taking photos, smelling roses and dreaming!

I am in love with and married to Steve, the most wonderful man, who makes my life complete.

He has built us a lovely cosy wooden cabin in the Welsh hills and I still can't get over the breath-taking views.

Our little boy was born in the Spring of 2015 and we are both head-over-heels for him.

We have a dilly-dog, who is my little shadow and just loves to be wherever I am and a timber-wolf who howls like a wild wolf and can't wait for Billy-boy to grow up so they can go on adventures together.

You can catch up on the latest in my little world on my blog ... see you there :)

Timber photo of Maria and Steve
photo of Maria and Steve Timber


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